Living with the baggage

You've collected your fair share, And many will not care. For everyone's got their own, anyone will hesitate to lay bare. Why carry all these baggage, How do you manage? Living with all these memories that hold you back. My dear, my darling... I urge you to let it go. Leave it on the side [...]


Essence of loss

  It is knowing presently there is a gaping hole within you. It is knowing you can no longer make new memories together. It is knowing you can no longer hear their voice.         Speak to them and have a conversation It is knowing you can no longer feel their touch. Knowing [...]

Looking Through

Alternative Perspective Hidden away, Underneath a mask with every passing day. Many will not discover what makes you sway. Many won't know what else to say. Under that mask, You have taken on such a heavy task. Carrying all that baggage, And your mask unknowingly showing its damage. The mask creates a shield, Many will [...]

When the unexpected expected happens…

A Relaxing Day? Your spending a day relaxing blissfully. News arrives that the unexpected expected* incident has occurred and you don't know what to do. Suddenly, as the unexpected expected was still fresh on your mind you got a blow in the head coming from your blindside. NOW, you really don't know what to do next. Your mind [...]