Father, where are you?

Fathers day, a day dedicated to celebrate dads around the world, thank them for being kind, being the best dad in the world, for being there for you, for providing food and shelter even when times gets tough.

I for one am thankful that I have a dad who is alive, well and provides our essential needs. He wants the best for my brother and I, he wants us to be well provided for, to live better than what he had when he was younger. He constantly worries about us and is always well meaning and protective, sometimes overly. In saying all this he is far from perfect, we constantly argue and emotionally we do not see eye to eye but you know what he still loves me and I in turn love and care for him.

However, not everyone has this kind of relationship with their fathers. Others have it so much better than I do but for most it’s less than ideal to put it mildly, it is sad but true. For some of you, you may not have present fathers or may have never met your father. Or your father may have been abusive, physically or emotionally and for that I am deeply sorry…

This is my message to you who have, are going through this, or looking for that father that isn’t there or there but preoccupied by other things. I want you to know that no matter what you did, who you are, where you come from and what ever you will do in the future is that you are so loved by your heavenly father, your biological, dad here on earth may have failed or hurt you but your heavenly father loves you more than you can imagine. He is waiting for you and will welcome you with open arms flaws and all. He will call you his darling sons and daughters if you let him into your life. Again, you are SO LOVED that he sent his son to die on the cross for you. 

So “father, where are you?” I believe he will respond to something like this, “Here I am, right beside you before you were even born and always have been walking beside you. All the days you didn’t feel like hanging on and days when you feel happiest the most. Always remember that I love you so much.”

One more thing, I’d like you to remember is that you are not alone, in what you are going through. Or if you have a friend who you think is going through something not necessarily on this, don’t be afraid to ASK them about their story because that small gesture can make a difference to that person.


John 3 16


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