Writing 201: Poetry (Day 2) Acrostic? Say what?

Day two’s exercise was particularly challenging because I want to send a specific and important message across. Without alluding to the poem I’ve written below I have realised and am continuing to look more into depth the importance of what it really means, how to share it to everyone and how difficult it is to show it to other people especially when we live in such a self-centred world. I admit have struggled and will continue to, in showing and sharing this gift to strangers and everyone around me but I believe it is what we are called to do, aspire to keep doing and have to especially because we live in such a world as this.

Day 2: Gift, Acrostic, Simile

The challenge: write about gift(s) in an acrostic form and by using simile.

What’s an acrostic poem? Well to roughly define it, it’s a poem where the first letter or last letter spell out a word, phrase or even a sentence.

Love 'n Grace for Everyone

In this poem I’ve attempted aΒ double acrostic and tried my hand at simile, I could have gone through my poems with all the lines with simile but I can’t (at the moment) push through my message all with similes. I tried today and will try my hand at something new once again tomorrow and the next day after that!


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