Writing 201: Poetry (Day 3) Look a bit closer, not just skin-deep

Day three of this amazing adventure and I’ve learnt, pushed, got excited and am pumped up for more learning, pushing and excitement ahead. Today it took me so much longer than necessary to think up of an idea of how I was going to send my message across with my poem because I had this song stuck in my head the whole time I was trying to write my poem. I wanted it to be the centre of my poem but it flooded my mind I could not write. Anyways, I took a few hours away from writing and here it is…


Day Three: Skin. Prose Poetry. Internal Rhyme.

The challenge: to write about ‘skin‘ through prose poetry and if desired (which I do) with internal rhyme.

All Carry BeautyΒ If you are curious as to what song it was, it was “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. This song I learned perhaps when I was around 5 years old and now as I am a lot older I didn’t even notice the important message I was being taught then, I only thought of it as a catchy song but this simple song taught me how everyone on this planet are equal and that we must see each other as precious, valued and loved no matter the colour of our skin and background. It is a simple message that is accepted but so hard in practice because of our biases, prejudice, what we are taught and most importantly our environment. Simple lesson, easy to understand, challenging to practice.


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