Writing 201: Poetry (Day 4) Stars, scars and a place called Limerick

Limerick playing a trick with this chick. Limerick a funny word and perhaps a wonderful place to visit one day.

Day Four: Imperfect, Limerick, Enjambment

The challenge: write about imperfection or something imperfect though limerick (not the place the form) and create an enjambment.

What’s an enjambment?! Sounds like someone is jamming something or something was jammed. Exactly! Well to be more precise an enjambment is a sentence in which part of it is written on the next line of the verse to create an unexpected break for effect. That’s how I understand it. So get


Query these scars

Nothing in this world is perfect, no one is perfect we all know so well and have heard that saying “I’m only human” which always connotate to mistakes and imperfection. I’ve only written about the external but it also applies to our inner selves. I can only aspire towards perfection but I also accept my imperfections because it makes me unique from everyone else, sets me apart. My mistakes taught me lessons I can share. My scars I embrace, can encourage and that I aspire to do with new scars. Wrinkles show I am still alive and aging (gracefully I hope 🙂 ) I am imperfect but I am perfectly loved.

Then this

happened while I was deep in

thought. Something random..

My Imaginary Walk to Limerick


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