Writing 201: Poetry (Day 6) Wrinkles, blemishes and sun spots.

Day 6, second week and I’m off to a (not so) great start! When we talk about faces many of us would think of the faces of our loved ones, most probably, actors but I believe most of all our own faces. When it comes to our own faces we perhaps think of the beauty marks and spots we wish away, maybe how we can cover these up. As we also grow older, many women are very conscious of wrinkles, dun-dun-DUN! Well, let’s face the truth no one escapes wrinkles. I sure won’t!

Day 6: Face. Found Poetry. Chiasmus. 

The Challenge: write about face(s) how ever you interpret it. Using today’s form: found poetry and also by trying to use chiasmus.

What is Found Poetry? In essence found poetry is using words or phrases not your own from (maybe) different sources depending on the writer and rearranging them as your own.

And chiasmus? Chiasmus is basically using a phrase and then using the phrase once again but in reverse order.

Face Full of Character

Our faces are how we are seen and whether we like it or not the way we look are how people create perceptions of us, good or bad. With every scar, spot or wrinkle we gain shows character and beauty as we age and that is what I wan to highlight with this poem today. We do not have to dread the impending doom of wrinkles but I think we should embrace it with open arms. For as they say, our outer beauty is fleeting but beauty within, how we treat others, how we love,who we are and how we keep pressing on when the times are hard will never fade. However the most important thing to remember is that no matter what we look like and no matter our past and present will be we are SO LOVED by He who created me, you and all things we see…

Where did I find my words and phrases you ask? 

I used business cards that I’ve collected over a number of trips to craft markets, used their tag lines etc. and I also used a pamphlet of Wellington’s Bookstores, below is a (blurry) photo of the cut outs I had while making my poem 🙂

Cut outs



15 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry (Day 6) Wrinkles, blemishes and sun spots.

  1. Oooooh I love this! Very simple but strong and beautifully written! Well done with the chiasmus, it just flows 😊 you must have an awesome business card collection!

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  2. You get great cards! More importantly, you arrange the words you have in a way that resonates–or should resonate. Age comes. And it’s all right. It can even be a source of gratitude. Certainly, it possesses its own beauty. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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