Writing 201: Poetry (Day 9) A picture paints a couple of words in this case

What a long day it has been and thank God for the strength! Today, I tried to find numerous times to write my poem for today’s assignment but time seemed to have flown by! Thankfully I have an hour or so before bedtime and got the chance to write and briefly “paint” a picture, not much of a picture but a shape. “Close enough!” I say with one eye already closed tight, sleeping.

Day 9: Cold. Concrete Poem. Anaphora/Epistrophe.

The challenge to write about cold whether it is about emotions or actually just feeling cold. In a form of a concrete poem using perhaps anaphora/ epistrophe. 

What’s a concrete poem? A concrete poem is basically a poem written in a way to draw a picture, for example a poem about a bear can be written in such a way that the words’ outline looks like a bear.

So what’s an anaphora/ epistrophe? An anaphora, as I understood it is a phrase that is repeated at the beginning of a verse for effect and an example that was given was Martin Luther King Jr’s speech “I have a dream” where that phrase was repeated at the beginning of a verse or sentence. And an epistrophe is repeated at the end of a sentence or verse.

With all that technical explanation here is today’s poem.

In the Dark

The shape I chose was very simple, perhaps I could have done more to it but that’s what I have at the moment. This was the shape I chose for it was simple but most importantly because as I was writing my poem I envision a well and as I finished writing it my imagination too me to a birds’ eye view of a well looking in the dark. Of course a birds’s eye view of a well would only be a circle from the top so here it is.

Also what I realised as I was finishing off my poem was if light was shone from above the well one would be able to see down the well. This image that came to mind bought a smile to my face and a message: that light will always come through and will shine in our darkest moments, in our own dark wells.


15 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry (Day 9) A picture paints a couple of words in this case

    • Thank you Jacqueline! I always appreciate your comments. Oh, I just did it over Microsoft ppt. first I had my poem then on ppt placed circle underneath my poem and formed my poem above the circle. It took a wee while to do with a few adjustments, so when I was happy with it deleted the circle underneath then voila! I hope that helps 🙂

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