A Fresh New Year, Another Hope Filled Year

Hello and Goodbye

Goodbye, one word I can’t seem to say.

However for once a year, I’d gladly utter that word.

On that day, on New Year’s day.

Midnight; those words goodbye and hello I would speak.

Welcome, New Year.

Welcome, new friends.

New opportunities, I welcome you with open arms.

New adventures and experiences, I look forward with hope.

As we welcome this new year, 2016. Many of us would look back our year and what memories we made along the way…

Memories filled with joy, a dash of pain, a sprinkle of challenging situations, confusing moments, funny times, quiet tedious days and nights. However while we look back at those moments we need to remember a few things;

  1. Those are now only memories, they ARE the past.                                                            -We can only learn and glean from the past.
  2. Who we were in the past, we cannot change.                                                                       -Who we’ll be in our future is in our own hands.
  3. We made it through difficult times this year; times we didn’t think we could survive.                                                                                                                                  -Remember those difficult times and see how versatile and amazing you are.
  4. Look for breakthrough moments.                                                                                              -Those moments that surprised you, times that worked out for the better.

These few things I know, aren’t new ideas but they are worth remembering. Of course there are also other things I have forgotten to add to this list but oh well!

Signing out for 2015…


Be kind, Happy New Year and God Bless!!!!


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