The Price of Honesty

It will cost you friends,

It will cost you family,

It will cost you someone you hold dear,

It will cost you a career,

It will cost you your community,

It will cost you your life.

You will gain your life,

You will gain the right community,

You will gain passion,

You will gain your partner in crime,

You will gain and find your family,

You will gain true friends.

You will lose what you do not need and deserve.

You will gain more than what you believe you deserve.

This is the price; the price of being honest.

Being honest to the people around you;

But most importantly to yourself.

There is so much to lose;

But there is much to gain by living in earnest.

For the past few weeks I’ve been reflecting on this word; honesty. One word that can affect us greatly in many aspects of our life.

Being honest with the people around you can be ostracising and lonely, this is true even if you are speaking from a place of love. It can hurt people because they may not see and understand where you are coming from; your reasons but it should not stop us from speaking truthfully. Not to speak truthfully to hurt another person but to shed light. However, in saying this there is also a time and place for us to speak in truthfully in love.



6 thoughts on “The Price of Honesty”

  1. Took the words right out of my mouth. Just got out of a relationship with my boyfriend, and this resonates strongly with some relationship issues. Do you have a boyfriend? Do you understand this from a romantic relationship perspective?

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  2. Hi Adrian, glad this poem connected with you in this way that you can reflect and relate it to your own life. I wrote this poem not looking at it in a romantic relationship perspective but in life as a whole, building bridges; making genuine relationships. However in saying that, I certainly understand and know it from a romantic relationship perspective… I do not know where you are when it comes to processing your recent relationship but I’d like to let you know that this will pass and if you want to chat let me know. We all need someone to talk to.


    1. Thanks Akini so much! Truly! You’re very kind. and Thank you for writing it. True it is very much something that works in all areas of life as a whole. Potentially romantic relationships in particular also. Genuine relationships definitely do come into fruition with a long term relationship.. I’ve certainly found you can know someone an awful lot after a couple of years. Glad to hear you understand, not that I wish anyone the understanding that may come from pain, but in saying that, understanding is noteworthy. I’m an avid reader of poetry and have just stumbled upon yours. It is lovely. I don’t really have other poetry-interested friends. For one, not nearly enough guys truly appreciate poetry. Anyway, thanks for the offer. I might actually take you up on that. I’m just a mess after this break up. He lied to me about something, and I lied to him about something. And I just feel that its an intense case reminiscent of your poem. We will find the right one for each of us and he will be our ‘partner in crime’. 🙂 There’s just so many people out there….. Its damn fudging daunting right!

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      1. Hey Adrian, you are welcome and it is my pleasure. Thank you and I’m glad you like my blog. I know where you are coming from and I can empathise with what you are going through. I know what you mean by not having too many friends interested in poetry and yes, especially guys hehe. Hope is there in finding that ‘partner in crime’ but as with anything in life in time aye 🙂 Daunting but at the same time there is hope because there are so many people out there! Email me when you want to chat more 🙂


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