My Life in Limbo

Everyone is waiting for something, and that something is and will be different for every one.

For me I’m waiting on a number. Waiting, waiting and waiting. I am dealing with it in a way others may not deal with in the same way. We all have different ways of coping.

There are days where it’s difficult for me to get out of bed because I know I can only do so much before I can get on to the next phase of what I want to do. I did as much as I can and now I’m in limbo.

Limbo can be good and it can also be so-so. Good, in a way that I have time to reflect on what has occurred, what could I have done differently or what maybe could I do next. The other side… Reflection and self evaluation is great and all but with too much of it, can lead to overthinking and self doubt.

While in limbo, I found that it is important to always keep hope and take the wins that come my way from where ever and however small they may be. It is difficult to do so most of the time but limbo does not mean it’s the end, it just means you or I are on our way. “The doctor will see you soon” kind of scenario NOT, “this is the end of your journey” because that is the complete opposite. Our race; our journey has not yet began.

During this time of limbo, learn things, explore places, “keep calm and carry on”. That is exactly what I’ll be doing! It’s difficult especially when motivation is low and I am facing self doubt or confidence breakdown but I think I’ll be fine. The wait is long but I hope it will be worth it. I really hope it’ll be fine.


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