“Bright Yellow Flower ??

Who are you? (You may ask…)


img_20160924_090001Hiya! I’m Akini Alfredo, 20+ish years old and living in Auckland, New Zealand. Graduated from university about a few years ago now but as of this moment working for Starbucks! I would say that I am someone who aspires to be someone better than who I was yesterday.

I love writing! I am a writer and I will write about anything that I see, hear, feel and think. I wouldn’t say I am a superb writer but I can most definitely say I aim to be one.

To be honest, I have written little in the past few years but I’ve decided to change that. For how can I call myself a writer if I do not write, right? Of course other than writing I have a lot of different interests and loves which you will discover with each blog posts in the coming days, weeks, months and perhaps in years to come. You will get to know me and maybe I, you? So let’s start this new adventure, shall we?!!

What’s this blog about?

Well, I started working on this blog with the idea of sharing my poems online, thinking that by sharing my poems I may improve my writing skills and motivate me to keep writing. However, that changed when I realised that with me writing my poems or sharing my thoughts I might be able to help, encourage or even give hope (perhaps I could reach at least one person). I found solace in writing poems or just writing down my feelings, so perhaps someone will find also find comfort and be encouraged by reading what I have written because I know with anything I have gone through and going through someone also has experienced it and someone in the future will have a similar experience.

So this idea about sharing my poems online for my self interest became something more. I didn’t feel like it was only for me but for other people as well. In which I could perhaps show someone through my stories, poems and thoughts in the midst of pain, discouragement, darkness, during my triumphs, highs and of course days that feel mundane that there is hope in every season.

I am not saying I am perfect and I have everything sorted out, in fact I am the opposite. What I would say is that I am a work in progress and I have things to work out in my life that I feel would be worth sharing because I know I am not alone in what I am going through and might go through.

With what I have written above, albeit short, I can say that this blog will be a mixed bag of poems, personal reflection and my thoughts on things.

Why Bright Yellow Flower?

Because why not?! Nah, kidding! Of course I have reasons as to why I chose this name.

“Bright Yellow Flower”, say it out loud or maybe a few times ( I know you are only reading with your eyes but try saying it out loud or your inside voice.). Now you’ve said it out loud (which I hope you did), what did you feel? What did you first think of? For me, when I said it out loud the first words and images that filled my mind were; spring, a blooming flower, the sun, warmth, happy, birth, LIFE and HOPE!

Therefore, I decided to name this blog Bright Yellow Flower because of the specific phases that came to my head and I love the image that it portrays; that tomorrow will always bring a new day, the flowers will bloom, that the sun will always rise, a bright ray of yellow sunlight will shine through. All of it saying there is Hope! Hope in every situation and circumstance.

Embarking on a Path Uncharted


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I completely love the reason that you have for picking your blog name! That is actually what I felt when I notice you at Writing 201’s The Commons. Your blog’s name exudes positivity and I like it a lot.

    Apart from that, here’s my favorite part: “I am someone who aspires to be someone better than who I was yesterday.” That’s the spirit! 🙂

    Looking forward to more of your poems and thoughts! It is nice knowing you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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