One Small Present Tonight

Christmas? Presents, family, friends and food.

But hold on, don’t be fooled.

There’s so much more to this day than all this, dude!

It came as a small fragile gift worth way more than gold.


This Christmas let us not forget about the essence of Christmas in the midst of all the craziness; shopping for presents, food to be prepared for the next few days and our sometimes crazy family. It is in the name itself, Christmas, the child who came to our world to save us from our fallen lives.

No present we may receive in this world will ever amount to the present we received 2000 or so years ago. So while we go about our day, this 25th of December be reminded of what this day means for all of us.

“For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

Merry Christmas everyone, stay safe and see y’all next year!


Innocent until proven guilty… Guilty as charged?

For the past few days I’ve been dwelling on the short, one syllable, 5 letter word guilt. For more or less two weeks I found myself tired from work and doing other things I enjoy such as sewing and catching up with friends and family that I realised that I haven’t written anything new such as a poem, a blog post or even a plan for Christmas.

After I realised that, I began feeling guilty! I couldn’t shake it off, I “made a commitment” to myself that I was going to write more often; concentrate on my poetry because I do not have resources to do music lessons at the moment. I was feeling guilty because in my mind the lie I told myself “I cannot commit to anything even though I love those things” so many months and years before has come back to haunt me. I began feeling like a failure my past failures came back and I was reminded of all the wrong things I’ve done, I will always fail at everything. Guilty of the lie and guilty at being useless.


I was reminded of what my mentor asked me a few months ago and what she told me about guilt. That we are not supposed to live in guilt because once we ask for forgiveness and God forgives us, we are not supposed to hang on to them. Our sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ, our conscience should be cleansed. It does not mean our God forgets what we’ve done it’s that He will not bring it up and hold it against you. We are not condemned by it.

Then a few days ago I met up with a friend, we caught up talked about how we were doing and wondering what’s new in our lives etc… And while we were talking our conversation went on the topic of…. Surprise, Surprise; guilt. We talked ’bout the idea off guilt, where it was coming from in context of our conversation and I began recalling what I already knew but forgotten about guilt.


There are two sides to this guilt business and they are conviction and condemnation. Conviction is when we know through the Holy Spirit that we have done wrong in the eyes of God, we feel guilty, then allows us to find a solution; to ask for forgiveness (1 John 1:9) . Condemnation is when we feel guilty because it shows us all of our failures, sins and paralyses us away from any solution.

Conviction is allows us to live a life that God intends for us, while condemnation inhibits us to live.

Going back to my feelings of guilt on not writing more often, I felt guilty because that was what the enemy wanted me to feel; guilty an hopeless. NOT FOR LONG I SAY!  After my conversation with my friend that night, I realised that I was not feeling guilty because I’ve done something terribly wrong that I was convicted but I was feeling condemned. Coming to that realisation, I felt free and remembered that Jesus did not come to this world to condemn us but to save us (John 12:47).

From a distance

I’ve had (having) a couple of amazing few weeks and I’m pretty sure this will certainly continue for the rest of my life!

Why? Because of distance

From a distance

Two weeks ago I made a decision, one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. It had nothing to do with moving to a different place, money, work, finance or other people. It only had to do with me.

I made the decision to always step back, mentally distance myself and evaluate what I am feeling, why I am feeling a certain way and how I was interacting with other people and situations. To sum that up, I made sure to keep my attitude in check, always. 

At work, we have a notice board full of work related bits and pieces of paper and other things such as messages left by customers or other employees. And on this board there’s a quote written by Charles Swindoll entitled, ‘Attitude’. For the 9-10 months I’ve been working there, I noticed it but didn’t think much of it not until recently. I must have read it over 80 times for the past 2 months and have been reflecting on its message. Not until 3 weeks ago, it clicked for me, it made sense!


After that moment, I made the decision to be in charge of my attitude. Since then, I have seen changes, I saw me for who I am, who I can be. I can see what I do and became more than ever, self aware. Also, I saw how my attitude can affect other people I work with and just around me in a positive way if I choose to have a good attitude towards situations and definitely in negative ways if I choose to react negatively.

To quote Charles Swindoll, “And so it is with you…”

Perhaps a Companion Someday

When I wrote this poem, I wrote it in an inspired moment. A moment full of faith and a moment of peace. I wrote it feeling so loved, hopeful and with joy. It’s a wonderful feeling, I must say, after having gone through a few difficult months prior. And I still do think back of the time when I wrote this poem with fondness.

I have had reservations as to sharing this poem but reflecting on those reasons, I came to a conclusion that;

1. My poem was written in the circumstances I outlined above and I don’t believe there is nothing wrong with that.

2. How can I say in my About page “I am not saying I am perfect” if I do not share things about me that aren’t perfect and don’t post poems with a message of hope in them.

3. And WHAT IS THERE TO FEAR? TO BE ANXIOUS ABOUT? NOTHING! I was anxious of what other people might think of me and my writing. Well, I now know and believe that it does not matter.

Perhaps Someday

Writing 201: Poetry (Day) To my fellow writers

This is certainly bittersweet. Sad that this two weeks are ending soon but at the same time well, feeling accomplished getting through two weeks and learned new techniques and forms of poetry. This evening, I dedicate this poem to all my fellow writers. I had a blast!

Day 10: Pleasure. Sonnet. Apostrophe.

The challenge write about pleasure in a form of a sonnet an by also trying if one dares to use apostrophe.

What is an apostrophe (other than a punctuation mark)? An apostrophe is basically addressing a third party within one’s poem other than the intended audience. The third party could be an object or a person not present (this is how I understood it).

This poem is for all participants of Writing 201.

It Has Been A Pleasure

This is only the beginning fellow writers. Keep at it! Thank y’all for the encouragement and I do hope to see you around after this course. Have a great weekend. Keep on writing and God Bless!

Writing 201: Poetry (Day 9) A picture paints a couple of words in this case

What a long day it has been and thank God for the strength! Today, I tried to find numerous times to write my poem for today’s assignment but time seemed to have flown by! Thankfully I have an hour or so before bedtime and got the chance to write and briefly “paint” a picture, not much of a picture but a shape. “Close enough!” I say with one eye already closed tight, sleeping.

Day 9: Cold. Concrete Poem. Anaphora/Epistrophe.

The challenge to write about cold whether it is about emotions or actually just feeling cold. In a form of a concrete poem using perhaps anaphora/ epistrophe. 

What’s a concrete poem? A concrete poem is basically a poem written in a way to draw a picture, for example a poem about a bear can be written in such a way that the words’ outline looks like a bear.

So what’s an anaphora/ epistrophe? An anaphora, as I understood it is a phrase that is repeated at the beginning of a verse for effect and an example that was given was Martin Luther King Jr’s speech “I have a dream” where that phrase was repeated at the beginning of a verse or sentence. And an epistrophe is repeated at the end of a sentence or verse.

With all that technical explanation here is today’s poem.

In the Dark

The shape I chose was very simple, perhaps I could have done more to it but that’s what I have at the moment. This was the shape I chose for it was simple but most importantly because as I was writing my poem I envision a well and as I finished writing it my imagination too me to a birds’ eye view of a well looking in the dark. Of course a birds’s eye view of a well would only be a circle from the top so here it is.

Also what I realised as I was finishing off my poem was if light was shone from above the well one would be able to see down the well. This image that came to mind bought a smile to my face and a message: that light will always come through and will shine in our darkest moments, in our own dark wells.

Writing 201: Poetry (Day 8) Leftovers

I thought today’s challenge was easier than yesterday’s. Today the poem came to me like an idea that came out of nowhere but I certainly know where it did.

Day 8: Flavour. Elegy. Enumeratio

The challenge today was to write about flavour in a form of an elegy and it one wishes to by adding in enumeratio to the mix.

An elegy focuses on what was lost that is irreversibly gone and an enumeratio speaks for itself. Well, if it doesn’t; an enumeratio is about listing in its most basic form. And now what you are wanting to delve into is just below.


Well, here it is. As above, I can only remember what a good memory I had as a child not what it looked like or tasted but how it felt and the smell. When walking down the road and I smell it, I don’t know what, I go searching for it but to no avail. We all have that one thing we search for, that one memorable food we had once and never had again. This is a not-so-serious poem, so I hope you enjoyed reading it and it reminded you of what you had once 🙂

I’ve got sunshine on a CLOUDY day…


I wrote this poem when I was on my way to work one day. It was a beautiful spring day, school’s out and it was quiet. Just perfect! While I was looking out the window and looked at the sky, I was suddenly reminded these lyrics, “I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day…” only that line, over and over again. Then I realised that most songs or any written text, when they mention the weather or something of the likes they talk about  about sunshine, sun, the stars all things twinkling up above but only a few times about the clouds that are always so ever present. Well then, I present you; a poem about the clouds above. Enjoy!

Everyday Passer-by

Writing 201: Poetry (Day 7) In the hood!

I found this difficult to write. I had the time but no inspiration and I’m not sure if I even understood what the form and device I used. Anyways! I gave it what I had.

Day 7: Neighbourhood. Ballad. Assonance.

The challenge: write about a neighbourhood, your neighbourhood or a place of community as a poetic ballad and when you can also using assonance. Well, here’s what I’ve got!

The Place to

This poem has been inspired by many years of going to the same churches I went to as a child until I was a preteen. When I was a child I loved going to church for I had the chance to see my friends and spend time with them, sing songs and have fun. Preteens, I be grudgingly went, teens I went with a blank stare. Now however, my views had changed as it is reflected above. As humans we need community whether we acknowledge it or not. We are meant for relationships and we are made to be relational.