Essence of loss


It is knowing presently there is a gaping whole within you.
It is knowing you can no longer make new memories together.
It is knowing you can no longer hear their voice.
        Speak to them and have a conversation
It is knowing you can no longer feel their touch.
Knowing you have to keep on living the life you both dreamt off.
It is knowing for that moment you’ll have to face the world alone.
It is knowing you can no longer grow old together.
Milestones you’d like to share to them and yet can’t.
However, it is also…
Reliving moments and knowing you had them .
It is being thankful you shared the most precious commodity of all:
It is sharing stories to others, the memories, laughter, lessons
         And dumb moves.
It is knowing they cared and loved you.
         Which is why for that moment you felt loss and keenly so.
Loss is natural, it may not be great but everyone has had and encounter with it.
It is neither good nor bad.
It just is.
Never easy…
But through loss we are reminded of what we have and can gain.
         Possibilities of what we can give.
         And leave when it is our time to be someone’s loss.

So with everyday you’ve got, make it count…

Writing 201: Poetry (Day 7) In the hood!

I found this difficult to write. I had the time but no inspiration and I’m not sure if I even understood what the form and device I used. Anyways! I gave it what I had.

Day 7: Neighbourhood. Ballad. Assonance.

The challenge: write about a neighbourhood, your neighbourhood or a place of community as a poetic ballad and when you can also using assonance. Well, here’s what I’ve got!

The Place to

This poem has been inspired by many years of going to the same churches I went to as a child until I was a preteen. When I was a child I loved going to church for I had the chance to see my friends and spend time with them, sing songs and have fun. Preteens, I be grudgingly went, teens I went with a blank stare. Now however, my views had changed as it is reflected above. As humans we need community whether we acknowledge it or not. We are meant for relationships and we are made to be relational.