Living with the baggage

You’ve collected your fair share,

And many will not care.

For everyone’s got their own, anyone will hesitate to lay bare.

Why carry all these baggage,

How do you manage?

Living with all these memories that hold you back.

My dear, my darling…

I urge you to let it go.

Leave it on the side street and release all that weight off your shoulders.

There’s going to be moments where you’ll want to pick them back up.

“Sorry I made a mess.” You’ll declare to those who do not care.

But darling don’t turn back, don’t apologise and don’t pick your baggage back up.

But if you do pick it up…

Lay it bare and be an example.

Share, let it go again and change.



Looking Through

Alternative Perspective

Hidden away,
Underneath a mask with every passing day.
Many will not discover what makes you sway.
Many won’t know what else to say.

Under that mask,
You have taken on such a heavy task.
Carrying all that baggage,
And your mask unknowingly showing its damage.

The mask creates a shield,
Many will see and to approach they will yield.
To relinquish its hold,
One must naive enough and bold.

When it has all fallen away,
Everything else will find its way.
However this must be a chosen narrative,
To perhaps view an alternative perspective.


Contemplating on the words; authenticity, honesty and genuine, has had an interesting impact on my life for the past year. It has taken me on such an adventure and continues to do so. This new adventure has allowed me to understand what those three words REALLY mean, what it means for me and what it means for the people around me…

The Price of Honesty

It will cost you friends,

It will cost you family,

It will cost you someone you hold dear,

It will cost you a career,

It will cost you your community,

It will cost you your life.

You will gain your life,

You will gain the right community,

You will gain passion,

You will gain your partner in crime,

You will gain and find your family,

You will gain true friends.

You will lose what you do not need and deserve.

You will gain more than what you believe you deserve.

This is the price; the price of being honest.

Being honest to the people around you;

But most importantly to yourself.

There is so much to lose;

But there is much to gain by living in earnest.

For the past few weeks I’ve been reflecting on this word; honesty. One word that can affect us greatly in many aspects of our life.

Being honest with the people around you can be ostracising and lonely, this is true even if you are speaking from a place of love. It can hurt people because they may not see and understand where you are coming from; your reasons but it should not stop us from speaking truthfully. Not to speak truthfully to hurt another person but to shed light. However, in saying this there is also a time and place for us to speak in truthfully in love.





Keep moving forward

Keep Moving Forward

I’ve heard and I’m sure a lot of other people also have heard of the phrase, “Move on!”. And I for one when I heard this from ‘friends’ I felt annoyed or pain when I feel really hurt by the situation. There are times of course when we need to hear this for situations that you’d think back and say it was a childish thought, argument, grudge or something similar for that matter. I admit I have used this before, not realising the situation for my friend and made her feel worse in hindsight but I’ve also used this when called for.

Hearing this from a friend can be disheartening especially when thrown out casually, it does not: 1. feel good or 2. make us want to leap out with joy. However, I truly believe that to move on from a difficult situation is to keep moving forward, to not just “move on” but to give ourselves TIME to heal, UNDERSTAND our situation, look for LESSONS to be learned and to FORGIVE ourselves as we are forgiven. What I mean by forgive ourselves it to stop punishing ourselves for what we have done, we cannot do anything about the past but we can do something about the future; to look forward and slowly plan a redemptive attack for ourselves and for the people around us who love and care about us. The plan does not to be for the long term but to set something for ourselves to look and work forward to.