The Price of Honesty

It will cost you friends,

It will cost you family,

It will cost you someone you hold dear,

It will cost you a career,

It will cost you your community,

It will cost you your life.

You will gain your life,

You will gain the right community,

You will gain passion,

You will gain your partner in crime,

You will gain and find your family,

You will gain true friends.

You will lose what you do not need and deserve.

You will gain more than what you believe you deserve.

This is the price; the price of being honest.

Being honest to the people around you;

But most importantly to yourself.

There is so much to lose;

But there is much to gain by living in earnest.

For the past few weeks I’ve been reflecting on this word; honesty. One word that can affect us greatly in many aspects of our life.

Being honest with the people around you can be ostracising and lonely, this is true even if you are speaking from a place of love. It can hurt people because they may not see and understand where you are coming from; your reasons but it should not stop us from speaking truthfully. Not to speak truthfully to hurt another person but to shed light. However, in saying this there is also a time and place for us to speak in truthfully in love.






Reflect to discover, slow down to appreciate

I wrote the poem below one afternoon after work while a duo of buskers were playing such beautiful, beautiful music just outside our store. Their music broke through and said “hello!” I’ve heard that kind of music before but didn’t think too much of it until this afternoon. It was amazing how they broke through the noise and the busyness of life around them and brought so much joy and smiles to people as they walked by.

As I sat down and listened to the music, taking it all in. I was and am reminded of how our God created us with gifts and talents, such complex beings! How he made us and ingrained in us such talents within to create such beauty and on that afternoon it was music that turned my day around.

Another thought that came to me as I listened to their music was the importance of slowing down, appreciating and taking part to the world around us. Slowing down to appreciate the small things in life, we can always, I guarantee, always pause for at least a minute to be in the moment. We live in a fast paced environment, always going to places, doing things, meeting people. Always on the move!

We need to reflect on what you have, to realise what and who we’ve got, look around; clothes on our backs and shoes on feet. Food on our tables, family and friends that surround us. At times we don’t see and know what we have until they are gone so today and always remember for tomorrow; reflect to discover, slow down to appreciate.

An Air of Joy