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Essence of loss


It is knowing presently there is a gaping whole within you.
It is knowing you can no longer make new memories together.
It is knowing you can no longer hear their voice.
        Speak to them and have a conversation
It is knowing you can no longer feel their touch.
Knowing you have to keep on living the life you both dreamt off.
It is knowing for that moment you’ll have to face the world alone.
It is knowing you can no longer grow old together.
Milestones you’d like to share to them and yet can’t.
However, it is also…
Reliving moments and knowing you had them .
It is being thankful you shared the most precious commodity of all:
It is sharing stories to others, the memories, laughter, lessons
         And dumb moves.
It is knowing they cared and loved you.
         Which is why for that moment you felt loss and keenly so.
Loss is natural, it may not be great but everyone has had and encounter with it.
It is neither good nor bad.
It just is.
Never easy…
But through loss we are reminded of what we have and can gain.
         Possibilities of what we can give.
         And leave when it is our time to be someone’s loss.

So with everyday you’ve got, make it count…

A Dance Would Do


I found this poem while I was going through note book after note book of drafts and scattered poems and I thought I might as well share some of them here and there in the coming months.

I wrote this last year around March, I think. I’m not too sure since the dates in one of the notebooks were so random ranging from 2011 – 2015 but best guess, March 2015!

I don’t think I wrote this for anyone in particular. I believe, I wrote this because during that time I was itching to go and dance a partner dance but no one was willing to go with me. So in my frustration rather than saying it or letting people know, I wrote down a poem and here it is.

The Price of Honesty

It will cost you friends,

It will cost you family,

It will cost you someone you hold dear,

It will cost you a career,

It will cost you your community,

It will cost you your life.

You will gain your life,

You will gain the right community,

You will gain passion,

You will gain your partner in crime,

You will gain and find your family,

You will gain true friends.

You will lose what you do not need and deserve.

You will gain more than what you believe you deserve.

This is the price; the price of being honest.

Being honest to the people around you;

But most importantly to yourself.

There is so much to lose;

But there is much to gain by living in earnest.

For the past few weeks I’ve been reflecting on this word; honesty. One word that can affect us greatly in many aspects of our life.

Being honest with the people around you can be ostracising and lonely, this is true even if you are speaking from a place of love. It can hurt people because they may not see and understand where you are coming from; your reasons but it should not stop us from speaking truthfully. Not to speak truthfully to hurt another person but to shed light. However, in saying this there is also a time and place for us to speak in truthfully in love.





Problem Called Apathy

Problem Called Apathy

Say what you may,

We have a growing problem in the world we’re living in called apathy.

It is easy to find sympathy,

But it is difficult to find people who has empathy.


Finding myself walking with the living dead.

Blank stares passing by I cannot comprehend.

Souls trapped in the midst of the crowd,

Joining this crowd of apathy rather than stepping out and being loud.


One step will do,

One word will make do,

As long as you know,

Where you have to go.


This poem came about through my sheer frustration from standing in a crowd and seeing a scene play out in front of us and no one even moved to do anything about what was going on!

My initial thoughts were “surely someone would step forward and say something”. So I waited and waited, “someone say something!” but I was naive. I however, after a minute, came to a realisation that if no one else is willing to say something I had to step out and do it myself, I cannot wait for someone else. When I stepped out I was frustrated and nervous but it had to be done, I could no longer stand to be with that crowd.

I talked to the lady and tried to communicate with her to the best of my ability, I stood up and turned around hoping she understood. And as I turned around I was saddened by the fact that everyone was watching us two and after the crowd realised that I have turned around they all looked away and went back to their screens!

Apathy; a three syllable word, a word that we need to unlearn in our lives and be ever so aware off. I myself need to learn how to unlearn this for it is definitely something we need less off.

From a distance

I’ve had (having) a couple of amazing few weeks and I’m pretty sure this will certainly continue for the rest of my life!

Why? Because of distance

From a distance

Two weeks ago I made a decision, one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. It had nothing to do with moving to a different place, money, work, finance or other people. It only had to do with me.

I made the decision to always step back, mentally distance myself and evaluate what I am feeling, why I am feeling a certain way and how I was interacting with other people and situations. To sum that up, I made sure to keep my attitude in check, always. 

At work, we have a notice board full of work related bits and pieces of paper and other things such as messages left by customers or other employees. And on this board there’s a quote written by Charles Swindoll entitled, ‘Attitude’. For the 9-10 months I’ve been working there, I noticed it but didn’t think much of it not until recently. I must have read it over 80 times for the past 2 months and have been reflecting on its message. Not until 3 weeks ago, it clicked for me, it made sense!


After that moment, I made the decision to be in charge of my attitude. Since then, I have seen changes, I saw me for who I am, who I can be. I can see what I do and became more than ever, self aware. Also, I saw how my attitude can affect other people I work with and just around me in a positive way if I choose to have a good attitude towards situations and definitely in negative ways if I choose to react negatively.

To quote Charles Swindoll, “And so it is with you…”

Perhaps a Companion Someday

When I wrote this poem, I wrote it in an inspired moment. A moment full of faith and a moment of peace. I wrote it feeling so loved, hopeful and with joy. It’s a wonderful feeling, I must say, after having gone through a few difficult months prior. And I still do think back of the time when I wrote this poem with fondness.

I have had reservations as to sharing this poem but reflecting on those reasons, I came to a conclusion that;

1. My poem was written in the circumstances I outlined above and I don’t believe there is nothing wrong with that.

2. How can I say in my About page “I am not saying I am perfect” if I do not share things about me that aren’t perfect and don’t post poems with a message of hope in them.

3. And WHAT IS THERE TO FEAR? TO BE ANXIOUS ABOUT? NOTHING! I was anxious of what other people might think of me and my writing. Well, I now know and believe that it does not matter.

Perhaps Someday

Writing 201: Poetry (Day) To my fellow writers

This is certainly bittersweet. Sad that this two weeks are ending soon but at the same time well, feeling accomplished getting through two weeks and learned new techniques and forms of poetry. This evening, I dedicate this poem to all my fellow writers. I had a blast!

Day 10: Pleasure. Sonnet. Apostrophe.

The challenge write about pleasure in a form of a sonnet an by also trying if one dares to use apostrophe.

What is an apostrophe (other than a punctuation mark)? An apostrophe is basically addressing a third party within one’s poem other than the intended audience. The third party could be an object or a person not present (this is how I understood it).

This poem is for all participants of Writing 201.

It Has Been A Pleasure

This is only the beginning fellow writers. Keep at it! Thank y’all for the encouragement and I do hope to see you around after this course. Have a great weekend. Keep on writing and God Bless!

Writing 201: Poetry (Day 9) A picture paints a couple of words in this case

What a long day it has been and thank God for the strength! Today, I tried to find numerous times to write my poem for today’s assignment but time seemed to have flown by! Thankfully I have an hour or so before bedtime and got the chance to write and briefly “paint” a picture, not much of a picture but a shape. “Close enough!” I say with one eye already closed tight, sleeping.

Day 9: Cold. Concrete Poem. Anaphora/Epistrophe.

The challenge to write about cold whether it is about emotions or actually just feeling cold. In a form of a concrete poem using perhaps anaphora/ epistrophe. 

What’s a concrete poem? A concrete poem is basically a poem written in a way to draw a picture, for example a poem about a bear can be written in such a way that the words’ outline looks like a bear.

So what’s an anaphora/ epistrophe? An anaphora, as I understood it is a phrase that is repeated at the beginning of a verse for effect and an example that was given was Martin Luther King Jr’s speech “I have a dream” where that phrase was repeated at the beginning of a verse or sentence. And an epistrophe is repeated at the end of a sentence or verse.

With all that technical explanation here is today’s poem.

In the Dark

The shape I chose was very simple, perhaps I could have done more to it but that’s what I have at the moment. This was the shape I chose for it was simple but most importantly because as I was writing my poem I envision a well and as I finished writing it my imagination too me to a birds’ eye view of a well looking in the dark. Of course a birds’s eye view of a well would only be a circle from the top so here it is.

Also what I realised as I was finishing off my poem was if light was shone from above the well one would be able to see down the well. This image that came to mind bought a smile to my face and a message: that light will always come through and will shine in our darkest moments, in our own dark wells.

Writing 201: Poetry (Day 8) Leftovers

I thought today’s challenge was easier than yesterday’s. Today the poem came to me like an idea that came out of nowhere but I certainly know where it did.

Day 8: Flavour. Elegy. Enumeratio

The challenge today was to write about flavour in a form of an elegy and it one wishes to by adding in enumeratio to the mix.

An elegy focuses on what was lost that is irreversibly gone and an enumeratio speaks for itself. Well, if it doesn’t; an enumeratio is about listing in its most basic form. And now what you are wanting to delve into is just below.


Well, here it is. As above, I can only remember what a good memory I had as a child not what it looked like or tasted but how it felt and the smell. When walking down the road and I smell it, I don’t know what, I go searching for it but to no avail. We all have that one thing we search for, that one memorable food we had once and never had again. This is a not-so-serious poem, so I hope you enjoyed reading it and it reminded you of what you had once 🙂