Clocking out of 2016!

Clocking out of 2016!

Adieu to the painful memories.
Adieu to horrible mistakes.
Adieu to missed opportunities.
And adieu to this year of ups and downs.

However, I will always remember…

Remember the good days I had with you.
Remember the conversations I had with you.
Remember the adventures I had with you.
And remember the all the memories we made together.

As we say hello to this new year, here’s what I promise you.

I promise to continually be better than who I was yesterday,
I promise to continually wear my heart on my sleeve.
I promise to always be there for you, whatever you need.
And I promise to always love you unconditionally.

This message is for everyone who shared this year with me and to those I will soon meet.

For everyone I have been with for how many years I don’t recall.
For everyone at work and at home.
For everyone who supported me.
For everyone who I met this year of whom I am glad to call my friends.

This year 2016 was full of challenges and change
This year 2016 was full of adventure.
This year 2016 was full of stress and surprises.
And this year 2016 was an amazing roller coaster ride.

I expect nothing less of 2017.
Off to bigger and better things for all of us!

Happy New Year!
Take care always, be kind and I’ll see you around!

Akini signing off for 2016! Lots of love.




Writing 201: Poetry (Day) To my fellow writers

This is certainly bittersweet. Sad that this two weeks are ending soon but at the same time well, feeling accomplished getting through two weeks and learned new techniques and forms of poetry. This evening, I dedicate this poem to all my fellow writers. I had a blast!

Day 10: Pleasure. Sonnet. Apostrophe.

The challenge write about pleasure in a form of a sonnet an by also trying if one dares to use apostrophe.

What is an apostrophe (other than a punctuation mark)? An apostrophe is basically addressing a third party within one’s poem other than the intended audience. The third party could be an object or a person not present (this is how I understood it).

This poem is for all participants of Writing 201.

It Has Been A Pleasure

This is only the beginning fellow writers. Keep at it! Thank y’all for the encouragement and I do hope to see you around after this course. Have a great weekend. Keep on writing and God Bless!